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My Bowflex

I bought my Bowflex at the end of February, 2000. I first considered the purchase of a Bowflex after seeing an ad on for a free video offer, I clicked through, signed up and they sent me a video. Of course I also got on their mailing list. I watched the video, reviewed the Bowflex website, and though I thought it was a great machine, I was put off by the high cost of the machines.

My friend Ryan has a Bowflex that his parents bought. When I went to his house to pick him up one weekend, he let me try it. I told him, "You shouldn't let me use this thing because then I'm gonna have to get one." Trial is the best method of sales. I was already conditioned by the website, video, mailings and phone calls all from Bowflex. I made up my mind to get one.

I'm the type of guy that isn't cheap. I'm thrifty, but not cheap. There is a difference. Therefore, if I was going to invest in a Bowflex, I was going to get a good one. I bought top of the line (at the time, there is now a machine one step above mine, but I didn't need a squat attachment). I've had a keen eye on my finances because I've been planning on moving out, and admittedly I'd run my credit cards up more than I liked between college graduation and getting my job. I was spending in anticipation of a good job. Anyway, I made the very wise decision to save for the Bowflex, and not to simply charge it, which would have been easy to do. So, with some seed money from Christmas and other sources, I started saving. The entire purchase process took me about 6 months. I got the video about 6 months before I bought the machine. They even offered me 100lbs. upgrade for free, a $99 value. However, at that point I hadn't decided to buy the machine and threw the card away.

I finally had saved $1000 and I couldn't wait any longer. I decided I'd order if I could talk them into giving me the 100lbs. upgrade, and if I could pick the machine up. The Bowflex is proudly manufactured in Vancouver, Washington, USA. Just across the river from Portland. The guy on the phone was the nicest sales person I've dealt with perhaps ever. I got the upgrade even though the upgrade offer had expired, and I was able to save $160 on shipping by picking the machine up. I did charge the machine on the Bowflex credit card, but it will be paid in full when the bill comes.

I was to pick the machine up on a saturday, but I got really sick, and I had to call and reschedule for the next weekend. I got the machine though, three boxes total, and I lugged the heaviest main box upstairs (it weighed 87lbs.) and the two attachment boxes (leg and lat). Two or three hours total and I had it put together, of course I had to rearrange my bedroom, but that's fine. I'm already seeing some results, and I love the machine. I was able to rationalize the $1400 purchase by knowing that Bowflexes have very high resale values, nearly equal to the original purchase price. So, that's my Bowflex story, I'm happy and looking better everyday!

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